The Arbour Birth Center has three birth suites. The three birth suites are all the same yet different: each suite has the same basic furnishings and the same equipment. Each room has either a double or a queen size bed, a rocking chair, a window seat, and an ensuite bath with a birthing tub.  Families are welcome to use candles, aromatherapy and customs of their culture.   

 All three birth suites have their own unique size and decor. Families choose from the available suites at the time they arrive in labour.



Rose Icon 1inch.png

The Rose Room is the largest suite in the Arbour Birth Centre and is popular due to the amount of space it offers, as well as the brightness of the room from the south facing bay windows and the relaxing tone of the decor.

The room features:

  • Wooden queen-sized bed, including step-up stool

  • Colonial-style cradle

  • South- and east-facing windows

  • Full ensuite bathroom including large whirlpool birthing tub, standing porcelain sink with mirror and frosted windows, and enough space to comfortably fit four people in addition to the space available in the birthing tub

  • Bluetooth speaker for providing comforting ambient background music

Mothers who choose the Rose Room generally prefer a bright, vibrant atmosphere filled with space and the comforts of home.


iris icon.png

The Iris Room is the Arbour Birth Centre's second largest suite and is popular for the iris-toned decorations adorning the walls and furnishings, as well as for the bright, window ledge located beside the bed.

The room features:

  • Double-sized solid walnut bed

  • Recliner chair

  • Spacious ensuite bathroom with a large whirlpool birthing tub, counter, sink and frosted windows

  • Speaker system with a dock for iPod or any other equipment that connects with an auxiliary cord.

It is designed and furnished in mind for mothers that prefer a softer, more soothing atmosphere with ample space.



poppy icon.png

The Poppy Room is the smallest of the birth suites but is popular because of its quiet ambiance and inviting intimacy. The room's space is arranged with the utmost care to soothe both mind and body, and to encourage a feeling of relaxation and security.

The room features:

  • Double-sized bed

  • Wooden rocking chair

  • Full ensuite bath with whirlpool tub; the deepest of the 3 tubs

  • Speaker system with a dock for IPod or any other equipment which connects with an auxiliary cord. 

Mothers who choose the Poppy Room prefer a light atmosphere with a feeling of coziness and comfort.