If you are interested in scheduling a tour or booking the birth centre,

please call: (403) 284-5950, or



*Early inquiring to view the birth center is encouraged.  Booking is suggested between 28 and 36 weeks of pregnancy.  Booking is for an available suite at the time of your labour, not for a specific suite.


The Total Fee for use of the Arbour Birth Centre is $525.00. This amount includes a User Fee of $450.00 (plus $22.50 GST), and a non-refundable Booking Fee of $50.00 (plus $2.50 GST). This amount is payable in one lump payment of $525.00, or in divided payments. The fee, or a payment plan by special arrangement, is due by the 36th week of pregnancy. Those who have not paid by this time, or have not made arrangements to pay, will not have access to the Birth Centre and must arrange for a home or hospital birth.


If the fee has been paid but the birth suite is not entered during any time of labour or delivery, then the User Fee portion of $472.50 ($450 plus $22.50 GST) will be refunded. Please email to request a refund.

payment methods

Payment is preferred either by a cheque made payable to Arbour Birth Centre, or by an e-mail money transfer to Make the security question something that may be answered about the birth centre, or from information on your Booking Form.

If you prefer to pay by cash then an appointment must be made to meet Arbour Birth Centre personnel. The Birth Centre does not accept debit or credit cards for payment.

There are a number of payment options available, including:

  1. Payment of the Booking Fee ($52.50) at the time of booking, and then of the remaining User Fee ($472.50) by the 36th week of your pregnancy.

  2. Pay the Total Fee ($525.00) by 36 weeks of pregnancy by e-mail transfer or cheque.

  3. Instalment payments throughout the pregnancy.

  4. By special arrangement with the Birth Centre management, instalment payments that extend beyond the due date to accommodate individual financial situations.

It is advised that you inquire into coverage for Birth Centre fees through any extended health coverage you may hold.

If you have any questions or require further information, please call the Arbour Birth Centre at (403) 284-5950 and we will be happy to assist you.