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The Arbour Birth Center : The Newest Childbirth Option
The Birth Suites
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Did You Know?

  The Arbour Birth Center is...

A freestanding birth center is a facility specifically designed and built as a safe & comfortable place for women & their families to give birth. The birth center philosophy includes the belief that pregnancy and birth are normal processes, not illnesses. That care must be mother-centered & family-centered. This means that the woman is recognized as the person ultimately responsible for her own well being & the decisions made regarding her care. Finally, the family is recognized as an important component in the mother's care and are included to the extent of the mother's wishes. The Arbour Birth Center is built to reflect and support this philosophy.

In order to book the Arbour Birth Center, an expectant mother needs to be under the care of a Registered Midwife.
With Family In Mind...

When you arrive at the birth center, you can expect to find a kitchen for the preparation of light meals, a comfortable living area, and a play area for children. The birth rooms are each furnished as master suites with ensuite bathrooms that feature large jetted tubs for use during labour and birth. Rooms are fully-equipped and accessorized for labour, but equipment is stored discreetly out of sight inside closets or drawers until required. The facility is childproofed, a DVD player is available, in addition to a variety of children's toys.

Did You Know?

The cesarean section rate for mothers admitted to the Arbour Birth Center is 8%.
The Living Room
The Mother Decides...
Did You Know?

The transfer rate from the
Arbour Birth Center is 13%.

The most common reason for transfer is a first time mother who is not progressing in labour.

As she would in her own home the mother will decide between the available suites available on her arrival, where she want to labour and birth, and who she wants to be with her.  The Arbour Birth Center policy supports the midwifery practices of keeping mother and baby together to help the baby transition and initiate breastfeeding.  Usually the family is ready to return home 2 - 4 hours after the baby is born.

The First In Western Canada...            

Arbour Birth Center is the first freestanding birth center in western Canada. Though the facility is physically and administratively separate from any hospital or other health care facilities, it is located within minutes of the Foothills Hospital and emergency services. Keeping a birth center physically separate allows the mother to enjoy total privacy & control over her surroundings, while encouraging a sense of comfort, safety and love.

Did You Know?

72% of births that take place at
Arbour Birth Center occur as
water births in the Birth Tubs.
        Ensuite Bathroom
For tours or bookings, please call: (403) 284-5950
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